Our ragdolls are first and foremost our beloved pets. They and their kittens are raised in our homes where we can play and pamper them to our hearts content. Each has their own distinct personality, but still have all the wonderful qualities that ragdolls are famous for.

They are simply irresistible. Personally speaking, my male cat 'The Great Catsby' a Blue Mitted, affectionately known as Fatboy, has stolen my heart. I can't imagine life without him, sleeping and purring next to me in my bed. He senses my every mood, as they all do.

Our cats are never caged or locked away in a holding pen. They sleep with us, follow us around from place to place, cuddle up in our laps watch TV.....Yes, watch TV... and greet you at the door when you come home. They are more like puppies but without the bother.....

The kittens, recently born, are gaining weight and growing strong under the tender care of their mother, our beautiful Lynx, Daisy. 'Fatboy', however, does most of the major baby sitting. Now that they are toddling around he sees to it that they do not stray far from the nest. Actually Daisy, Fatboy and the three kittens all sleep happily together. What a precious sight that is.

I could go on and on about the charms of ragdolls, but will stop here so you can enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions about price or terms you can call Ielleen at (302) 453-9487 or just send an